J. Serrano ceramics

Quality of our ceramics

All of our ceramics are produced using concepts of colour, decoration, shape and size with characteristics similar to those of the original pieces. The production patterns and moulds have not been changed, which guarantees that the ceramics are very similar to those produced in times gone by. In dealing with the reproduction of originals, our work is characterised by our producing very common objects for daily use, such as plates, jars, trays, salad bowls etc… which to us are very practical as well as decorative.

The decorative motifs vary according to the school/century in question.
The fact that every piece is handmade guarantees the exclusivity of the product; the quality of the product is the same for every piece, with the only thing that varies being the decoration and the shape/size of the item; so the prices can vary but the quality is constant. Since we are talking about our own manufacture, our products can be modified in terms of colours, size and design; in this way each of our customers can obtain an object that is unique and personal. Some of these modifications include initials, names or text, which personalise the pieces even more.

Some cases involve the pieces being of the same characteristics amongst themselves (colour, size etc…), so we have to understand that whilst the similarities should be very closely matched it is impossible to make two pieces exactly identical due to everything being handmade.

We undertake to make any piece, no matter how difficult it might seem , if ordered in advance; and you can take possession of it in the time agreed after consultation.

Our most usual styles are some of those to be seen in this website, but this does not rule out the production of any other object, in which case we would ask for information about it (photograph or similar). If you have any such query, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will attend to your enquiry.

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